Saturday, March 31, 2012


Bluebonets Oh My!  Lot's of them and lot's of kids!  My sister Kathryn, mom and I decided to take the kids out for bluebonnet pictures before my sister went back to Midland after her spring break visit.  We've had quite a bit of rain late winter/early spring, so the wild flowers are everywhere.  We didn't have to drive far from our house to find a beautiful field off of a not-so-busy road (very important with all the little one's).  We always took pictures in the bluebonnets growing up, so it was fun to do it with our kids, just wish Christine and her kids would have been there.  Not the easiest bunch for pictures, but here's what we got-
The cousins (minus Hadley and Hayden)
The Girls
Gavin and Ainsley
Love this sweet picture of Avalyn and Cambria
Kathryn trying to get a picture.
The Boys!
Briley (3)
My sister Kathryn and sweet Briley!
Kimber (1)
Gavin (7)
 Avalyn (6)
 Yes, Avalyn loves the camera and it loves her back- so does the person behind it!
 Cambria (4)
 Cambria (with her My Little Pony, loving those these days)- is obsessed with flowers, she could have been there for hours, but then there might not be any left in the ground.
 Lot's of jumping!
Ainsley (2)
 Yes, that is her hair in all it's natural glory!  It definitely fit her spunky personality!
 My attempt at get a picture of the four-
 They do love eachother and someday this will be easier to do, but not so fast I'll take this madness and cherish it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ainsley and Kimber

Just 8 months apart these sweet little cousins are going to have so much fun together, and hopefully not get into too much trouble.  They are absolutely adorable together and they get along better and better the older they get!  Hopefully someday we can live closer to eachother!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Big girl!

The bus drops Cambria off right in front of our house and I am proud to say she now walks to the door all by herself!
She is always so happy when she gets home!  Cambria still LOVES school so much!
 She loves finding little places to go and play with her little "friends".  We were turning Gavin's book shelf and dresser into a desk, Cambria had other ideas.  She was so excited to put her little animals in there and sit with them!
 Putting all her ducks in a row!